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Hi, I go by the name of Beyond The Horizons and wanted to thank you for visiting my webiste :)

I am just starting to do things that I am passionate about such as making apps and making fun tests ! Feel free to look around and have a great day !

  • Fun Tests such as who do I resemble the most in BTS?
  • All website tests will be accesible on your phone !

Fun Tests & Websites

This is where you can have fun trying out fun tests and useful websites :)

My BTS Look-alike

Which BTS memeber do you resemble the most? Simply upload your selife to find out !

My Personality

What is your personality like? Answer these two short scenarios to find out !

Neat Korean

Are you interested in learning Korean? Feel free to visit my Korean learning website ! It uses A.I voice recognition as a guideline :)

Gift Recommendation

(Under development)Are you struggling to find a perfect gift for a friend, a lover, or even for yourself? Check this great gift recommendation webiste!

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Work in Progress


This is where you can download android app version of the website tests and more entertaing apps !

BTS look-alike (app ver.)

This will direct you to the goole play store for anroid app version :)

Random Lotto Number Generator (Canada)

Just a simple number generator for Canadian lottery...Good Luck !!


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Apps In Development


Fun Tests : Android App Version


Other Cool Apps

Any issues or concerns so far?

If you have any issues or concerns....or even positive feed back, please let me know :)

News & Patch Notes

This is where I will be posting Any News or Updates to my apps and websites !


7/29 - Added Korean learning website ! Check out Fun Tests & Webistes Tab

7/27 - Moved to a .com domain !

7/26 - Lotto Generator V1.1 is live ! Random Keno number generator is added in.

7/25 - Added New test ! Try out "My Personality" test :)

7/24 - Created and updated my own character !

7/22 - My first ever website created.